Custom Building Service

Custom Building Service

We offer a build service for those Kits you either don,t want to tackle or just don,t have time to build. Most kits can be tackled listed below are some of the most popular builds and the costs associated.

The cost of the kit is NOT included in the build price given below.

SA Model Company Red Hen kits

400-300 twin pair

400=300 twin set

Build costs for a Red Hen kit are as follows:

  1. Single unit either 400 or 300 includes pick ups on trailing bogie and MRD bogie frames (DC only) Lights can be fitted to work with the DC at an extra cost of $25.00 including Parts                                    $110.00
  2. Single unit either 400 or 300 includes pick ups on trailing bogie and  MRD bogie frames (DCC Fitted) DCC fitting includes a 8 pin wiring harness, internal floor plate to house the wiring harness and directional lighting . We will fitt the DCC chip of your choice (cost of the chip is separate) Cost will be     $165.00    plus the DCC Chip

Strath Hobbies Brill 75 Railcar Kit (milk bar)

Brill 75 "Milk Bar" Number 55 Sitting at Milang waiting to leave

Build costs for Strath Hobbies Brill 75 Maximum capacity and Milk Bar as Follows:

  1. Single unit Built and Painted         $110.00

Rocky River and Strath Hobbies SAR 520 steam loco

SAR 522 at the station 

Build costs for the 520 class locos are as follows;

  1. Standard DC Model including working headlight $420.00
  2. DCC Equiped Loco fitted with a Loksound Select DCC chip and associated parts $675.00

The prices given are for the build only and supply of the DCC chip where needed. The kits can be purchased through the End of the line Hobbies website