Radio control and Battery Power installations

Please see the note from RCS as we only do battery work the result of this is we will cease doing this type of work.

 An apology from RCS

My ongoing health problems have resulted in me having to rethink the future operation of RCS.
Unfortunately I was trying to do too many things at the same time.
Regretfully after 30 continuous years,  I must cease supplying battery R/C equipment for the Large Scale market.
As this policy is put into effect there are bargains to be had with Li-Ion battery packs, plus installation kits and parts.
These will be available until sold out.
They are listed under the Battery R/C button on the menu.

Please contact Fosworks or MTroniks for battery R/C ESC's.

In future RCS will be concentrating on supplying R/C supplies for Live Steam locos.
This includes of course our own RCS made DSM2 compatible TX handpieces and programmable Rx's.
Plus, servos, servo installation kits, high quality Eneloop battery packs, R/C switches, plug in single sound whistles & associated products.
In future please direct all enquiries to RCS at our new E Mail address: 
PayPal is working normally.